In less than 20 minutes you receive a clear picture of your candidate – and their key skills in calling and database management.

Dirk Van Put, Managing Director

ContactSkills gives you answers to all your questions.

Is your candidate:
Able to quickly pinpoint the essence of your customer's question?
Able to correctly analyse the needs of your customer?
Stress-free on the phone with all types of customers?
Friendly and sales driven, even during a service call?
Able to manage a customer-friendly conversation and the database at the same time?
Able to quickly find the correct information in a database?
Always in control of the conversation?

How does it work?

ContactSkills is an online platform with a live call-simulator that can be accessed by both candidates and assessors.

In a simulated business environment, the candidate is required to quickly and successfully complete a conversation modelled on a real-life situation.

As the customer, you select the scenarios to suit the profile you're looking for. You can choose from around 30 situations covering inbound, outbound, B2B and B2C.

Your advantages


In less than 20 minutes you receive a clear picture of your candidate – and their key skills in calling and database management.


Every candidate can be tested on the same scenario. So you receive comparable results, allowing you to establish a benchmark for your team or organisation.


Choose the type of simulated conversation that best suits your needs.

User friendly

The ContactSkills platform is designed so that after training, you can test your candidates yourself.
If you don't have time, we are always ready to do it for you.

No Boundaries

You can test your candidates wherever they are, even abroad. ContactSkills is internet based, so there are no boundaries.

Stores history

Your database keeps track of all tests and scores, and the search functions and benchmark modules are easy to use.


You have access to a coaching tool which allows you to make coaching reports and follow your employee's learning curve


Your candidates also receive a clear overview of their skills, helping to build their confidence, professional pride and motivation to perform.

Customised coaching

We use the ContactSkills' results to prepare a coaching programme for your employees.

We help your employee improve their working methods by identifying any barriers and pointing out blind spots and patterns. This overview is the starting point for development.

We always start from a positive experience, with things that work and keep the people enthusiastic. At the beginning of a coaching session, we look for elements which encourage your employee and create the will to improve.

As a result, employees become more aware of their own areas of competency and gain control of their working method.

What our clients say

ContactSkills allows us to focus on the right profile of candidates that our business partners are looking for. This tool has also enabled us to reduce the rate of attrition. I also want to mention that the ContactSkills team has demonstrated a high level of professionalism. They are easy reachable even though we are separated by a time difference of more than 5 hours.

Safia Karcouche, Director Operations Support/ HR, Gexel Montréal, Canada

ContactSkills is the only tool on the market which allows you to measure if a candidate has the right telephone skills and offers a solution which is effective and user friendly. Stop long selection procedures and start with the CS-test.

Suzan Van Klink – Operational Director

The test takes fifteen minutes and gives a clear view of the candidate’s suitability for the job. Applicants who talk with a lot of confidence during the interview are sometimes found not suitable during the CS-test. Thanks to ContactSkills we can be sure that new employees have the right skills.

Katrijne Dom, Customer Service Manager Benelux Bongo – Cadeaubox

It is the ideal tool for selection and coaching as it measures and reports much more than any standard assessment tool. By using ContacSkills we can elevate our employees to an even higher level of customer service.

Marij Van De Velde, P&O Officer Partena Health Insurance

ContactSkills has developed a tool to analyse the calling skills of your employees, but in fact, the simulation test reveals more. When we were running through the results of the simulation tests of our employees, together with ContactSkills, we realised that the ContacSkills tool not only registers how well they can make a call, but also how they register simultaneously all details into the database. Consequently the results of the simulations very well reflect the overall profile of your employees, and therefore this makes us a satisfied customer. The cooperation with ContactSkills has been very pleasant. They are very enthusiastic and driven and they behave very professionally throughout the process.

Tom Kesenne, HR Manager Mutas, Member of IAG – International Assistance Group

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